Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery is a cosmetic surgery applied in case of deformation in a female sexual organ and when a woman does not like the appearance of their sexual organ. It is performed to fix the vagina that is permanently stretched after birth. Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery can be applied if inner lips of vagina are congenitally asymmetrical.

In case of looseness in the last part of urinary bladder and rectum before the anus, people may suffer from sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. This may lead to uterine prolapse. In such case, Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery can be applied.

Laser-Aided Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation System
Female sexual organs may lose their dynamic and functions due to pregnancy, normal delivery, weight gain, smoking, hormonal disorders, menopause and aging.This may result in weak vaginal muscles, loosen vagina walls and deformation.
We can solve this problem which has a negative impact on a woman’s life and psychology easily with IntimaLase (Laser-Aided Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation) in our clinic. New-generation non-invasive carbon dioxide laser technology enables tightening of vaginal walls within a very short period of time without surgery, anesthesia, incision and suture.
The procedure can be implemented within a short period of time during the day and the patient can get back to their normal life immediately. The procedure does not induce pain during or after and there is no risk of complication.

Laser-Aided Vaginal Bleaching System
Today laser-aided bleaching treatment, genital area bleaching, whitening, genital area whitening treatments can be implemented.
Laser-aided genital area bleaching is also known as ‘labial whitening’ or ‘vulvar whitening’.
It does not require general anesthesia.
The laser light applied during the procedure damages the ‘melanocyte’ cells which produce pigment that causes darkening on the skin and hence, enables genital whitening.
Generally one session is enough. The patient can get back to their normal life after the procedure.