Fibrocell (Autologous Fibroblast Cell)

FIBROCELL is an autologous treatment method which is based on increasing fibroblast cells obtained from a person’s own tissue in a laboratory equipped with advanced technology by using bioengineering techniques and injecting them into the relevant area on the patient’s body. FIBROCELL is the first autologous cellular treatment method which is customized, certified by FDA and intended to remove wrinkles caused by aging and to trigger regeneration of skin tissue. FIBROCELL is the trade mark of Doku Biyoteknoloji A.?. and is the first and only patented cellular product in Turkey.

The skin is anesthetized with topical anesthetic creams. FIBROCELL is injected to the area of implementation on patient’s skin. FIBROCELL comprises 3 sessions. The first session becomes ready approximately 4-6 weeks after the biopsy; 2nd and 3rd sessions are applied with interval of 2-3 weeks. It is really important that the schedule that is determined by the physician is followed. FIBROCELL is highly distinguished from other treatments in the sense that it contains living autologous fibroblast cells which produce collagen and elastin.