Stem Cell Doping in Hair Transplantation!

You can get more effective and faster results with stem cells obtained from your own fat in hair transplant procedures or procedures intended to strengthen weak and thin hair which might be lost.

Today, products of tissue engineering provides natural solutions with your own cells by ensuring more durable, permanent and high efficiency in comparison to standard implementations which are prone to cause adverse effects (allergy, toxic etc.), which becomes ineffective within a short period of time and which contain animal ingredients.

Hair transplantation procedures enhanced with stem cells obtained from fat enable improved yield and new hair growth by stimulating available hair follicles. As it has been recently discovered that bone marrow contains more stem cells than umbilical cord blood, today hair transplantations are supported with stem cells that are obtained from a person’s own fatty tissue.

Important Information: The procedures that are intended to obtain stem cells from fat are carried out in our stem cell laboratory (which is the only laboratory that holds CNP certificate in Turkey) that is certified by the Ministry of Health and transferred to our clinic. Procedures that are carried out to obtain stem cell in clinics or doctor offices are not safe and effective in terms of patient health. Please inquire our certificates.

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